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Calvin Township is a vibrant municipality in Ontario’s Near North, situated between North Bay and Mattawa and just fourteen kilometers north of Algonquin Park.  It is an area of amazing natural beauty with rolling hills, gentle farm lands, rocky cliffs, verdant forests, and incredible waterways and lakes, but at the same time it is only thirty minutes from North Bay’s Jack Garland Airport, which serves as a national and international connector and is the largest airport north of Toronto.    

Calvin has access to two modern hospitals, one in North Bay and the other in Mattawa and travel is easy on Highway 17, the Trans-Canada Highway, which transects the north end of the township.   Calvin is the best of both worlds, rural tranquility and urban convenience.    

In the north end of Calvin, you will find Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park and the Mattawa River Park, which are both nestled in northern highlands that contain beautiful trails, rocky cliffs and two incredible waterfalls, Paresseaux and the Talon Chutes.    

The Canadian Ecology Centre is also on the Mattawa River in Calvin and is a centre for learning and understanding, but it also has both cabins and facilities that are available to rent.  

Calvin was the home of the internationally famous ornithologist, Madame Louise de Kirline Lawrence who loved to watch the birds and the wildlife of the area.   Most of that wildlife exists today and the animal and bird sightings continue to give pleasure to modern day “watchers”.    

Dividing Calvin in half, is the mighty Amable du Fond River which originates in Algonquin Park and flows north to the Mattawa River.   Near the Calvin Municipal Office, the river flows through a gorge and drops over 13 metres, (this is the third major waterfall in Calvin) and along this part of the river, you will find the Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area, which is easily accessible by car and open to the public.  It boasts a couple of kilometers of walking trails, a picnic area near the parking lot and even a traditional log cabin, that is a replica of a cabin that existed there many decades ago.    

A few kilometers north of the Gorge is the Calvin boat launch, which gives access to Smith Lake and Calvin’s third provincial park, the Amable du Fond River Park.   This park is located on the banks of the river and along the north shore of Smith Lake and is free to use.  

There are numerous small businesses, including an outfitter, a pottery store, and a newly built bed and breakfast, but there is also a multitude of home-based businesses and farms throughout the area.   It is a great place to live and great place to visit.    

Whether you are a long-time resident or someone who is deciding to move to Calvin, we know your heart will warm when you see the signs that say, “Welcome Home.”


Mayor Richard Gould