Calvin Union Cemetery

The Calvin Union Cemetery is located at 60 Peaceful Lane (off Peddlers Drive). 

For all cemetery enquiries and transactions, please contact Patricia Araujo, Administrative Assistant at . Patricia may also be reached by calling the Municipal office at 705-744-2700. 

Due to the private nature of cemetery transactions (arrangement of burials, plot purchases, transfer of interment rights etc.) and the amount of time necessary to complete the necessary administrative documentation (typically approximately 30 minutes), an appointment must be made with Patricia, in advance of processing any cemetery related transactions. 

Please review the following documents prior to contacting Patricia to set up an appointment to discuss your cemetery service needs. Coming to the in-person meeting prepared with the proper identification and supporting documents in hand, along with all of the the appropriate forms completed will ensure your cemetery transaction(s) can be completed on the day of your meeting and without delay. 

Calvin Union Cemetery Regulations By-Law

By-Law of Fees and Charges

Authority for Interment [PDF: 64 KB]

Authority to Move Monument/and Foundation to Allow Burial [PDF: 44 KB]

Demand by Rights Holder for Repurchase of Cemetery Plot(s) [PDF: 64 KB]

Temporary Movement of Monument Required [PDF: 42 KB]

Transfer Interment Rights [PDF: 66 KB]

Frequently Asked Questions About Interment Rights [PDF: 114 KB]

BAO - Consumer Information Guide

Cemetery Licence #3289839