Low Fire Rating
Complete ban on all open air burning, including campfires.

Fire Department enquiries should be addressed Mariel Labreche, Fire Chief firedept@calvintownship.ca


Burning Regulations

Make sure you know the rules for outdoor fires and follow safe practices. Each year dozens of residents and cottagers across Ontario lose structures and property to fire caused by careless burning. Your Fire Department would like to remind you that outdoor burning regulations are enforced between April 1 and October 31. If you burn, follow these steps:

Choose a safe time

Any fire is most likely to get out of control on a hot, dry or windy day. Burn during the coolest dampest and calmest time of day. Two hours before sunset, or later, and extinguish two hours after sunrise. Don’t even consider burning when it is windy. Be aware that in the spring after the snow melts and before the grass and buds have started to grow, it is extremely hazardous to burn.

Choose a safe site

If you are burning an area of grass or leaves, make sure the area is surrounded by a fireproof boundary. Roads, ditches or ploughed ground provide good barriers against fire spread. Your fire should be at least 18 meters (50 ft) away from any structure or forest debris that might catch fire.

Put that fire out

Remember, coals can smolder for hours and hot embers can be blown by the wind, easily setting fire to dry grass or twigs. Drown hot coals thoroughly, and then cover with sand or gravel.

Stay in control of your fire

Many injuries are caused by careless use of flammable materials and underestimating fire behaviour. Never use gasoline to start your fire as it is highly explosive. A responsible person must be available to tend the fire at all times, even if it is contained in an incinerator. You must have adequate tools (shovel, rake) and water on hand to control the fire if it begins to spread. Use caution around hydro poles and be aware of overhead and underground cables. Be sure your fire does not cause irritation or inconvenience to your neighbours.

Keep your fire small

Small fires can be controlled by one person using hand tools and water. When burning piles of wood, brush or wood by-products, make sure it’s less than 2m (6.5 ft) high and 2m (6.5 ft) in diameter. Keep your fires limited to one pile burning per acre. Burning an open field is not a good idea, but if it is necessary, make sure you have the equipment and people available to do it safely.


It is your responsibility to be aware of the Rules, Regulations and By-laws pertaining to outdoor burning in this area. Your municipality follows the provisions of the Forest Fire Prevention Act. The OPP and MNR have the authority to lay charges if you are found negligent.

At any time the MNR or Fire Department may ban or restrict outdoor burning in this area until further notice. Be aware that if a forest fire results because you have used fire improperly, you could be held responsible for the cost of putting out the fire and any property damage that may occur.

If you have any further questions or if you would like a description of an approved incinerator [PDF: 119 KB], please call the Calvin Municipal Office 705-744-2700. View the Outdoor Burning By-law or request a copy from the Municipal Office.

Firefighting is both an art and a science and is best accomplished by safe, disciplined teams with special training and equipment, directed by Officers, utilizing procedures gained through study and experience.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a firefighter are to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the fire department’s response area.

Duties and Standards

A firefighter is expected to do the following:

  • operate and maintain fire equipment
  • perform auto extrication
  • perform fire ground operations
  • perform rescue operations
  • apply first aid/CPR
  • control hazardous materials
  • working at heights and confined spaces
  • participate in fire safety inspections
  • perform station duties
  • perform public relations/education
  • carry out communication duties
  • must perform all tasks in a professional manner and follow the code of conduct

As mentioned, Emergency Services are not like other fields of voluntary service – perhaps that is why being involved in Emergency Services is so special.

Emergency service volunteers tend to be action-oriented, highly dedicated, family and community oriented, self-motivated, team-players. Your interest already demonstrates to us many of these characteristics.

Firefighters, whether on a full-time or on a volunteer basis, have roles and responsibilities that must be accepted long before considering responding to an alarm. Every firefighter owes it to themselves to be properly trained and educated on the ethical and legal requirements needed to maintain his/her safety, and to increase the public’s confidence in the department. As a new recruit, you will not be doing any of these things until you are ready! Training will be your focus, but it will not be long before you find yourself contributing to our efforts in ways you can only imagine! New persons to the department shall be on probation for a period of four months and you are expected to attend 60% of meetings.

Our team meets every Thursday evening, starting promptly at 7:00 p.m. These meetings may involve work on the apparatus and equipment, training, or practice sessions.

Throughout the year, we schedule additional training in conjunction with other fire departments outside of our township. We also on occasion bring in specialized instructors.

Applicants must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be a person of good character
  • Be a good role model
  • Pass the aptitude and other tests required by the department
  • Must be 18 years or older at time of application
  • Have a valid G or DZ Ontario driver’s license at time of application
  • Have a reliable means of getting to the fire hall, any time of day or night
  • Must live or work in an area served by a volunteer fire station
  • Will be required to provide a criminal background check and a physical upon request from the Fire Chief
  • Will be required to provide a current driver’s abstract.

The Calvin Fire Department Services may ask for additional qualifications when reviewing the application forms.

Contact Fire Chief Mariel Labreche by email at firedept@calvintownship.ca