Before you start your building project, please review the documents below and contact our Chief Building Official, Shane Conrad, at 705-218-0899 Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri.  Shane is in the office on Wednesdays only when you can reach him by calling the Municipal Office at 705-744-2700.  You can reach Shane by email at all times at

Using the schedule and phone numbers listed above please call Shane or email him in advance  of coming into the office to set up a time when he can meet or speak with you.  This website contains a number of pages with helpful information to review before applying for a building permit.

Building Permit Application

A Building Permit is required for construction projects larger than 108 sq. feet. For more information go to Building Permit FAQ

Sample Drawings:

Septic Information

All properties within the Municipality of Calvin are building on private septic systems. The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) reviews and issues permits for septic systems within the municipality.

Permits are reviewed based on the size of the building, number of bedrooms and the number of plumbing fixtures. Please note that if you are planning on a renovation or addition to a building that will increase your overall house size by 15% or greater, the NBMCA must be notified and a septic system file review is required. Be sure to consult early to avoid potential delays.

North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority
15 Janey Avenue, North Bay
Telephone: 705-474-5420



Building or Demolition Application

Owner's Consent Form

Minor Variance Application

East Nipissing Planning Board Consent Severance Instructions and Application