2020-019: Amendment To Procedural By-Law - Electronic Meetings

"DEPUTATION/DELEGATION" shall mean a person making a verbal presentation to Council or to a Committee, as the case may be;

Appearing before Council

Any person desiring to be heard must submit to the Clerk a request in writing and signed, stating the purpose of the deputation, not later than 12:00 noon on the Thursday preceding the Council Meeting. If the request/letter is received after that deadline, it will be forwarded to the next regularly scheduled meeting of Council subject to time availability.

Only one spokesperson shall speak on behalf of a delegation to Council. Deputations shall limit their presentations to not more than ten (10) minutes, and successive extensions of five minutes may be granted by approval of the Mayor or Chair.

No more than two deputations shall be scheduled for any one Council Meeting unless otherwise approved by the Mayor or Chair, or unless the matter is considered by the Mayor or Chair to be of an emergency/urgent nature.

Please use the Delegation Request Form and submit your form to clerk@calvintownship.ca


Every communication or petition intended for presentation to Council shall be legibly written or printed and shall be signed by at least one person giving his/her address.

My issue is urgent, why can’t I be put on the agenda tomorrow?

The Procedural By-Law requires this notice period. To meet the requirements for accountability and openness, sufficient notice needs to be provided so that members of the public are aware of what will be discussed at the Council meeting.