Petition In Support of Bill C-310
November 15, 2023
Local News

71% of firefighters in the Country are part‐time, that's more than 90,000 firefighters. This essential profession no longer attracts these valiant workers we desperately need, because of their low pay, if any. It is only their passion that motivates them: Protecting our communities. But that's no longer enough in today’s inflationary world. Their remuneration often consists of an annual tax credit of $3,000 when they fight a minimum of 200 hours per year. And when they exceed that threshold, the tax credit decreases!!

Please take a minute to sign this petition proposed by the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs to the Government of Canada‐C310‐Petition to support Bill C‐310’s amendments to the Income Tax Act to increase the amount of the tax credit from $3,000 to $10,000.

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