Calvin Landfill now accepting Glass Recycling
June 24, 2024
Calvin Township
With the ultimate goal of extending the landfill’s life, beginning this week, please separate your glass from the rest of your waste before tossing it over the edge. Blue Totes dedicated to glass will be available to collect your glass.
What is accepted:
All food and beverage glass bottles and jars are accepted, including colored glass. It is not necessary to remove labels. Remove and recycle metal lids and plastic lids.
Not accepted:
Medication bottles
Light bulbs
Window glass
Mirror glass
Drinking glasses
Ceramics (e.g. plates, mugs).
We will report back to you about how much glass you diverted from the landfill at the end of the year. Help us to make that a big number!
In the meantime, enjoy this short video. It's made in the USA but the message is the same. Why recycle glass? The answer is clear!
Glass recycling begins at the landfill now!