Blue and Grey Box Roll out--Ending June 22, 2024
May 15, 2024
Calvin Township

Earth Day Blue and Grey Box Rollout   Claim your FREE Blue and Grey boxes before June 22, 2024.

As our goal is to provide every household with FREE grey and blue boxes, our space is limited at our Landfill facility. We will continue to hold unclaimed Blue and Grey boxes until June 22, 2024. After that date we can no longer guarantee FREE unclaimed box availability.

Many people have asked to purchase extra boxes. The Landfill will be selling these boxes at a cost of $15.00 (HST inc.) PER BOX, as long as stock remains available.
We are keeping our cost affordable as the Big Box stores are selling them for $26.00 (Tax inc) each.
Please see your Landfill attendants, receipts will be issued