It is important that you are prepared for emergencies as it may take time for responders to get to you in the event of a major disaster.

Tips to get Prepared

  1. Make a Plan (visit the Municipality's Be Prepared page for tips on escape plans);
  2. Have a 72 Hour Emergency Kit readily available (visit the Municipality’s Preparing for the Unexpected page) and make sure everyone knows where it is; 
  3. Read up on the hazards identified and know what your needs will be in the event of an emergency;
  4. For general information on hazards visit the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.

If you have questions please call the Municipal Office  at 705 744 2700 and ask for an appointment to speak with the Fire Chief  or our Emergency Management Coordinator 705-744-2700.  You may contact the Chief by email at  or until we fill the role of CEMC in late 2023, our office at