The Calvin Township Fire Department, established in 1976, has one station located on the corner of Hwy 630 and Peddlers Drive, which houses 4 emergency vehicles (1 pumper truck, 2 tanker/pumper trucks, 1 rescue van). The department’s complement of 17 includes a Chief, Deputy Chief, 2 Captains, and 13 firefighters.  All are volunteers trained and equipped to respond to the following emergencies:

  • fire suppression
  • auto extrication
  • bush and forest fires
  • water and ice rescue
  • search and rescue
  • hazardous materials spills
  • off road rescue
  • traffic control
  • fire prevention and public awareness

The Calvin Township Fire Department has certain agreements in place that are in addition to its Municipal area, such as:

  • MTO agreement to provide auto extrication for the entire length of Hwy 630 from Hwy 17 to Algonquin Park
  • Full service provider to the residents of Lauder Township (unorganized) along Hwy 630, Floods Road, and McLaughlin Road
  • MNR agreement to cover a 100 metre corridor for bush fires along Hwy 630.
  • Champlain Provincial Park agreement to provide fire protection of structures and vehicles, and to assist in bush fires, water and ice rescue, or search and rescue if requested.
  • Canadian Ecology Centre agreement to provide all of our services.
  • Automatic aid agreement with Papineau-Cameron Township to cover certain west end areas of Papineau Township, also both townships have a partnership to automatically respond to all potential structural fires within each other’s jurisdiction.
  • Calvin and Papineau/Cameron share services in other areas such as:  Joint partnership in Community Emergency Management; Joint ownership of a breathing air compressor; Both fire departments have a strong working relationship, a similar compliment of equipment and firefighters; have the ability to cover for each other in time of need and as often as possible enjoy joint training exercises.
  • In the addition to these agreements and services, the Calvin Fire Department would like to advise all other agencies that we are trained and equipped in auto extrication. We have the “jaws of life”, rams, cutters and airbags, a compliment of other tools, generators, lighting, communications, and road safety equipment.
  • Other specialty equipment available at our fire department include:  Thermal Imaging Camera  -  year round rescue sled with off road trailer – hazardous materials clean up kit – ice and water rescue suits – water cannon – forcible entry tools – A.E.D.
  • Our firefighters are familiar with the land and water of our township, we live, fish, hunt, ATV, hike and enjoy recreation here.  There is a fountain of knowledge that we as a team have of our area, we know where we can get boats, ATV’s or heavy equipment.
  • We do not provide First Responder medical services although all our firefighters are trained in First Aid/CPR and provide assistance to paramedics when needed.    

 *Columbia Forest Products, Hwy 630 (Kiosk Hwy), Champlain Provincial Park and the Canadian Ecology Centre are the main benchmarks along Hwy 17 in the Township of Calvin.

Calvin Township has blue 911 signs.

When in doubt, call us out.  We’re here to help.