Lake Talon Ice Safety Concerns due to Decreased Water Levels
February 11, 2022
Map of Lake Talon

February 10, 2022

Lake Talon Dam is currently leaking due to compromised stop logs which are allowing water to pass through the dam. Currently, there is no risk of flooding. The ministry is closely monitoring the situation and working to mitigate the leak as much as possible.

The lake is currently sitting approximately 20 centimetres lower than normal for this time of year. This unplanned drop in lake water levels could result in ice safety concerns. Residents that depend on water from Lake Talon for their homes may experience issues due to the low water levels.

Residents and other lake users should exercise special caution on and around the lake especially with unpredictable ice conditions. Anglers are reminded that fishing near the dam is unsafe and the area should be avoided.

Lake Talon is located approximately 40 kilometres east of North Bay and is part of the Mattawa River Provincial Park. The lake resides in Phelps, Olrig, Bonfield and Calvin Townships (see map below).

Further updates will be issued as appropriate.


• If you or others are in immediate danger, call 911.

• Beware of thin ice that may develop due to dam operations.

• Never venture out on the ice alone.

• Always be aware for the potential of heavy slush under the snow.

• For information or updates on the situation, please contact Graham Mewett at 705-471-0956 or or Shannon Page at 705-493-0632 or