Welcome to the Municipality of Calvin and thank you for your interest in our community.   Our friendly and hospitable residents take pride in our varied natural resources and our abundance of picturesque views. Our history is embedded in the forestry sector, farming and tourism.  We are located south of the Mattawa River just off of Highway 17 and just north of Ontario’s world famous Algonquin Park.

As the Mayor of the Municipality of Calvin, I invite you to visit us and enjoy a fantastic experience and memorable adventures in our scenic area. While here you will enjoy the likes of Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, the Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area, the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System, our Voyageur statues, the Mattawa River, and the Amable du Fond Waterway Park.

I am sure you will be pleased with our appealing surroundings and the warm hospitality awaiting you.

Why not stop by to visit the area,

Ian Pennell