Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards

As part of the Municipality of Calvin’s commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability, Council has adopted a Code of Conduct for members of Council and Local Boards.

The Code of Conduct outlines the responsibilities and procedures to be followed by Members of Council. It helps to ensure that the members of Council share a common basis of acceptable conduct. It is designed to complement existing municipal rules and regulations and provide guidance on issues related to the acceptance of gifts and benefits, confidential information, Council-staff relations and the use of municipal property.

Integrity Commissioner

The Integrity Commissioner is an independent accountability officer given authority under the Ontario Municipal Act. The Integrity Commissioner’s duties include provision of impartial, third party, professional advice to Council and responds to any compliance issues related to Council’s ethical responsibilities under the Code of Conduct.

Effective December 9th, 2022, The Municipality is searching for an Integrity Commissioner. 

See our ad here:  Integrity Commissioner Application


Who can file a complaint?

Members of the public, employees of the municipality, any organization as well as members of Council or by Council, can file a complaint under the Code.

What is the process for filing a complaint?

Complaints may be filed by filling out the Formal Confidential Complaint Form (in the Related Documents section).

Does the Integrity Commissioner investigate complaints about municipal employees?

The Integrity Commissioner does not have authority over municipal employees.

Can an anonymous complaint be filed?

Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

Report 1

Report 2

2019-2020 Annual Report from Integrity Commissioner

These reports may be obtained by contacting the Clerk by email at or by contacting 705-744-2700 ext 201.

Report 3

Report 4

Report 5