Emergency Management - From Hydro One
April 8, 2022
Hydro One Gentleman Working at Night

How to Contact Hydro One
In the case of an emergency or power outage you can reach us by calling one of our emergency numbers below.
Hydro One Power Outage & Emergency Line 1.800.434.1235 Use this number to report a power outage, fallen tree hazard or emergency (24 hours, 7 days a week)
Hydro One Media Relations 24/7   416.345.6868 OR 1.877.506.758
Hydro One Community Relations  Hydro One’s Community Relations staff members are available to answer questions and concerns from elected officials (e.g. MPP’s, Mayors, Reeves) Monday – Friday, during regular business hours: 1.877.345.6799

For More Information
In the event of an emergency or power interruption we encourage you to take a moment to visit, follow Hydro One on Twitter or check any one
of the links below for more information:
• Power Outages & Safety Information
• Interactive Power Outage Map Outlining Planned & Unplanned Power Outages
• Contact Us
Hydro One transmits and distributes electricity in the province of Ontario
however; there are other local distribution companies that may serve your community. Visit the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) website
at to find your local utility.

Hydro One’s Emergency Management Team
Emergency Management
416.603.4308 /1.844.791.1155 (monitored during business hours only)
Hydro One’s Emergency Management & Business Continuity team plans for and assists with Hydro One’s internal response to any significant disruptions to our electricity system. Please use the communication resources listed above for
power outage and restoration information. In the event of an extraordinary situation, contact the team and special arrangements will be made to facilitate appropriate levels of support to you and your community.