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Minutes: July 14, 2015

The regular meeting of Council was held this date at the Calvin Community Centre.
Present were: Mayor Brown, Deputy Mayor Pennell, Coun Adams, Coun Edwards, Coun O’Connor, Ken Brewitt, Chris Whalley & Lynda Kovacs.
Regrets: None
Guests:  5
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Brown
DELEGATIONS:          None                             
PECUNIARY/CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Councillor Adams declared a Pecuniary/Conflict of Interest presented in writing to Mayor Brown as follows:
I, Corey Adams, am disclosing a pecuniary/conflict of interest as I have submitted a quote for equipment rental for ditching for Calvin Township. Signed: Corey Adams and dated July 14, 2015
Moved by Coun Pennell and seconded by Coun O’Connor that the minutes of the regular meeting of Council held on Tuesday June 23, 2015 are hereby adopted and signed as circulated.
2015-118         MINUTES OF CRC MEETING
Move by Coun O’Connor and seconded by Coun Pennell that the minutes of the Calvin Recreation meeting of Monday June 1, 2015 be hereby adopted as presented.
At this time Trevor Shippam, Chair of the Calvin Recreation Committee, spoke to Council about the CRC’s planned Fall Fair coming up in August. The CRC is planning to make this a larger event than what was originally planned in their 2015 budget and is requesting a donation from the Municipality in the amount of $250 to cover their budget shortfall. It was briefly discussed that a donation would be appreciated by the CRC, as much time and effort is put into such events on behalf of the community. A motion had been previously prepared to be tabled at this meeting but has been deferred until a source for the funds can be identified that does not draw from the reserve funds of the Municipality.
At this time Coun Adams left his Council seat and moved into the audience due to a stated pecuniary/conflict of interest re: the next item.
Moved by Coun Pennell and seconded by Coun O’Connor that the Request for Annual culvert needs, Annual dust control needs and Annual equipment needs have been received, and those received by the deadline of Friday July 10/15 at 3:00 pm have been reviewed and presented to Council,
Now Be It Resolved that Annual culvert needs be awarded to Atlantic Industries Ltd. and the Annual dust control needs be awarded to Pollard Highway Products and the Annual equipment needs be awarded to Digsafe Contracting as per their respective quotes received, and that the Road Superintendent be hereby authorized to proceed with contacting the successful bidders.
At this time Coun Adams returned to his seat at the Council table.
2015-120         2015 DRAINAGE WORK
Moved by Coun Adams and seconded by Coun Edwards that Council has reviewed the June 15, 2015 Municipal Drain Repair Report as prepared by Garth Noecker; Drain Superintendent, and hereby acknowledges the following;
That the work on Drain #2 at Lot 5 Concession 2, as begun in 2014, will be completed by the property owner in 2015; and,
That the work on Branch D of Drain #3, on Lots 3 & 4 Concession 3, which entails a straight-forward brush removal and bottom cleanout, with spoils to be spread on the owners adjacent farmlands, is to be completed by Larry Bangs as per the recommendations of the Drain Superintendent and the property owner; and,
That some initial work shall be done in 2015 on Drain #4 located on Lots 33 to 36 Concessions 6 & 7, specifically the removal of a beaver dam located on Lot 34 Concession 7 being the Main Drain to which all branches of this drain obtain outlet, and which is causing flooding over Latimer Lane and onto the properties at Lots 33 and 34 Concession 6; and that the removal of this beaver dam, with the objective of draining the beaver pond and opening up the drainage channel, shall be done in summer 2015 in conjunction with the annual municipal ditching work, and by the excavator that will be hired once all quotes for excavator rental have been received; and further, that the Property Owners at Lot 34 Concession 7 shall be notified in writing by the Clerk-Treasurer as to when the work on the property will take place, and that the Road Superintendent shall be on site during the work on Lot 34 Concession 7 to ensure minimum impact to the private property at that location.”
Moved by Coun Edwards and seconded by Coun Adams that Council hereby approves the annual review of the Comprehensive Health & Safety Policy Sections 10, 11 and 12 as presented.
2015-122         DISBURSEMENTS
Moved by Coun Adams and seconded by Coun Edwards that the disbursements dated July 9, 2015 in the amount of $62,566.13 and July 14, 2015 in the amount of $20,896.21 be hereby authorized and passed for payment.
2015-123         ADJOURNMENT
Moved by Coun Edwards and seconded by Coun O’Connor that this regular Meeting of Council now be adjourned at 8:10 p.m.
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