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Minutes: January 29, 2014 Joint Meeting





Present were:

MUNICIPALITY OF CALVIN - Mayor Brown, Deputy Mayor Pennell, Coun O’Connor, Chris Whalley, Ken Brewitt, Lynda Kovacs.

TOWNSHIP OF BONFIELD – Mayor Randall McLaren


MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION (MTO) – Jim Bucci, Project Manager; Northeastern Region

AECOM – Brenda Jamieson, Consultant Project Manager and Fred Leech


Regrets: Coun Albright, Coun Latimer

Guests: 1


The special joint meeting was called by Mayor Brown for the purpose of receiving and hearing updated information from the Ministry of Transportation and AECOM regarding the Highway 17 Route Planning Class Environmental Assessment currently being undertaken from 2.2 km east of Highway 531 easterly to 8.0 km east of Highway 630.


The meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. by Mayor Brown.




Mayor Brown welcomed all present and each of the three presenters was introduced. The floor was then turned over to Mr. Jim Bucci (MTO) who explained that the purpose of this meeting was to provide a study update and an overview of the preferred highway plan, it’s potential effect, proposed mitigation, future works and next steps. Mr. Bucci then introduced the project managers from AECOM, Brenda Jamieson and Fred Leech, who have been retained to undertake the study on the above mentioned section of Highway 17.


AECOM – The study commenced in mid-April of 2012 to develop and evaluate a range of reasonable alternatives, including improvements to the existing highway, new highway routes, and/or a combination of the two, and identify a recommended plan for a four-lane Highway 17 within the study limits. MTO is currently working with an approximate 20 year planning horizon for implementation of the final approved study results.

      Throughout the study process to date there has been ongoing consultation with stakeholders as well as opportunities for public review. Public Information Centre (PIC) #1 was held in November 2012, PIC #2 was held in June 2013 and PIC #3 will be held on January 30, 2014 all in the Calvin Hall, providing opportunity for the public to review the plans to date and offer feedback and comment.

      In response to the first two PIC’s and the feedback and comments received, the study group has progressed to the Preliminary Design Preferred Plan, which will be reviewed by the public on January 30, 2014.

      Three refinements have been made as a result of the previous PIC#2  consultation process as follows:

  •         A grade separation will be provided at Trout Pond Road to provide access across the highway in this area
  •         The alignment of Highway 17 west of Pautois Creek has been modified which results in the impact on two residential properties being reduced
  •         Existing Highway 17 will be retained from approximately 1 km west of Pautois Creek to Boundary Road to maintain access to Samuel de Champlain Park’s group camping area and emergency egress from the Park


      Rutherglen Line Interchange will provide full east/west access to Rutherglen Line using a diamond configuration

      Highway 630 Interchange will provide full east/west access to Highway 630 using a diamond configuration on the north side of Highway 17 and a parclo configuration on the south side of Highway 17. Highway 630 as it currently exists at the north end will pass underneath the new highway.

      Boundary Road Interchange will have a diamond configuration on the south side and a roundabout configuration on the north side providing full access to Boundary Road

      Crossing Road Treatments

  •         Grade separation at Trout Pond Road
  •         Minor realignment and grade separation at Trunk Road
  •         Cul-de-sacs at McNutt Road
  •         Protection addressed for future crossing east of Pimisi Bay


Potential Effects, Proposed Mitigation and Future Work

Environmental mitigation and protection measures will be applied to address negative effects of the project on the environment. Preliminary mitigation measures have been developed. Details will be provided at the upcoming PIC and documented in the Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR)

Potential Effects:

  •         21 watercourses ( 6 of these are major bridge structures)
  •         Approximately 300 ha of vegetation displaced
  •         4 water wells displaced and 16 in close proximity
  •         80 properties impacted (34 – Bonfield, 40 – Calvin, 6 – Papineau-Cameron)
  •         33 buildings displaced
  •         61 ha of Canada Land Inventory Class 1, 2 and3 soils displaced
  •         12 ha of provincial park displaced
  •         4 trail crossings
  •         Increased noise levels during construction
  •         Approximately 160 ha of land with archeological potential affected


Next Steps

      PIC #3 Calvin Hall Thursday January 30/14 from 4:00 – 8:00 pm. Submission dates for comments to AECOM/MTO on information presented at PIC #3 is February 28/14

      Responses from AECOM/MTO to comments received through the PIC #3 consultation process

      Finalize preliminary design for preferred plan

      Prepare Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) for filing and public review in 2014


About the Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR)

      TESR will document study process, highway planning alternatives considered and Preferred Plan including environmental protection measures and commitments for future action with regard to implementation of the project

      Notices will be mailed to contacts on the Study mailing list and published in local newspapers to identify where the TESR will be available for 30-day public review period and to explain review process, including the opportunity to request a “Bump Up” of the project for any stakeholders who have serious, unresolved concerns with the study and its recommendations

After the TESR review period, key steps for project implementation will include:

  •         Environmental Clearance
  •         Right-of-Way Designation (subject to environmental clearance)
  •         Detail Design/Construction when Programmed


The public can find information on the Project Website The website will be updated as the project proceeds.


At this point in the meeting the AECOM/MTO team completed their presentation and opened the floor for questions.      



Q1.                  Concern was raised about the Bridge at Pimisi Bay.

A1.       Bridge at Pimisi Bay will remain. Wildlife crossings (possible specialized crossings) may be required at some or all of the major bridge structures. Specific commitments for wildlife crossings will be addressed during the detail design process. Commitments are made at the TESR stage, details are addressed at the design stage.


Q2.                  Concerns about decommissioned road and who is responsible for long term maintenance.

A2.       It is noted that the municipality does not want to be downloaded any of the old highway or burdened with the cost of maintaining any sections of the old Highway 17 that will still be needed as service roads. AECOM stated that normally, MTO will mulch and seed decommissioned roads to allow then to revert back to a natural state. This would likely be done for any decommissioned sections that are considered unnecessary. These notes will be in the TESR report and can be dealt with by MTO at the design stage with each municipality.


Q3.                  When will expropriated properties be purchased?

A3.       MTO can only expropriate lands needed for highway purposes. Each situation and each property will be addressed individually. Properties are not purchased until close to implementation of the project, and then bought at the current Fair Market Value at the time of purchase.


Q4.                  When will the project be implemented?

A4.       There is currently no definite construction schedule. The study is merely to identify and protect the designated properties required for the future building of the new highway.


Q4       Concerns re: radius of roundabout at Boundary Road.

A4.       The roundabout will have a large clear radius to accommodate large and oversized vehicles.


Mayor Brown thanked the presenters for the informative presentation and thanked all present for their interest, their participation and their willingness to work together to make this a successful project over the long term.


2014-018         ADJOURNMENT

Moved by Coun O’Connor and seconded by Coun Pennell that this Special Joint Meeting of Council now be adjourned at 8:27 p.m.

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