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Minutes: April 7, 2015 Joint Meeting

The SPECIAL JOINT MEETING OF LOCAL COUNCILS was held this date at the Calvin Community Centre.
Present CALVIN were: Mayor Brown, Deputy Mayor Pennell, Coun Adams, Coun Edwards, Coun O’Connor and Lynda Kovacs.
Present TOWN OF MATTAWA were: Coun Bastien, Coun Sarrazin, Coun Lacelle, Lucie Viel and Francine Desormeau
Present TOWNSHIP OF PAPINEAU-CAMERON were:  Mayor Corriveau, Coun Fraser, Coun Boulanger, Coun Therrien, Coun Neault and Jason McMartin
Present MUNICIPALITY OF MATTAWAN were: Mayor Murphy, Coun Bell, Coun Argo and Coun Patterson
Absent:  Calvin                        None
  Mattawa                  Mayor Backer, Coun Mick, Coun Thibert, Coun Larose
  Papineau-Cameron   None
  Mattawan                 Coun Curran
Guests: 1 Member of the Public
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Brown
The purpose of this Special Joint Meeting was to assemble for the second time as a group to
further discuss options for OPP Police Services within the local area. A decision must be
reached by the end of the current 6 month Mattawa Group contract currently in place until
June 30, 2015.
The discussion then turned to the options of:
·         Stay as a Group of 4 or separate
·         Contract (Section 10) or no contract (Section (5.1))
·         If Contract, how long will the Term of the Contract be (3, 4, 5 or 6 years)
·         Enhancements or no enhancements
·         Timeframe for final decision from each Council
All Members present agreed that the current Group of 4 with the Police Services Board (PSB) was working well and each expressed that they wanted to continue working together and having access to the OPP directly through the PSB.
All Members present also agreed that it was advantageous to enter into a Contract (Section 10) in order to keep the PSB. The PSB allows the local Members to bring concerns and share ideas and issues at the table with the Staff Sergeant of the OPP as well as with the other Members of the local area.
All Members present agreed that a four (4) year contract term would be suitable in order to accommodate the four year term of Council and allow for only one contract negotiation throughout each subsequent term of Council, set up in such a way that each new Council, once elected, would have ample time in office prior to negotiating a new OPP Services Contract.
There were two questions raised about enhancements and whether or not these are needed in the area.
·         Can they be added part way through a contract?
·         Can they be added by only one or two of the municipalities in the Group of 4 or do all municipalities need to agree to pay for the enhancement?
Clerk-Treasurer Lynda Kovacs stated that she would query the contract analyst at the OPP for clarification on these questions and report back as soon as possible to each municipality.
All Members agreed that, once the answers concerning the enhancements were received, each Council would then table a resolution favouring remaining in the Group of 4, with a Contract (Section 10), for a four (4) year term, with NO enhancements. All resolutions are to be tabled and passed by May 21 in order to provide the OPP ample time to prepare the new contracts before June 30, 2015. The Clerk’s will work together to prepare wording for the Resolution so that each municipality passes the same one.
2015-061         ADJOURNMENT
Moved by Coun Pennell and seconded by Coun O’Connor that this Special Joint Meeting of local councils now be adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
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