By-Law 2011-001 - Calvin Union Cemetery By-Law

BYLAW 2011-001
SECTION                                                                                                                               PAGE
1 Preface                                                                                                                      2
2 Definitions                                                                                                                 2
Administration                                                                                                           4
4 Sale and Transfer of Interment Rights                                                                         4
5 Interment and Disinterment                                                                                         6
Care of Lots – General                                                                                              9
7 Care of Lots – Flowers, Shrubs, Trees                                                                       10
8 Monuments and Markers – General Information                                                         10
9 Monuments (Upright Markers)                                                                                   12
10 Markers (Flat Markers, Corner Markers etc.)                                                          13
11 Rules for Monument Dealers, Contractors and Workers                                           13
12 Rules for Visitors                                                                                                     15
13 Complaints                                                                                                              16
14 Gifts to the Cemetery                                                                                               16
Schedule “A”  Cemetery Price List
Schedule “B”  Authority for Interment (1 page)
Schedule “C”  Transfer Interment Rights (1 page)
Schedule “D”  Contract for the Purpose of Interment Rights (3 pages)
Schedule “E”  Certificate of Interment Rights (1 page)
1          Preface
Calvin Union Cemetery is situated in the Municipality of Calvin located at 60 Peacefull Lane, on Part Lot 20 Conc. 4, in the Municipality of Calvin in the District of Nipissing.
The Council of the Municipality of Calvin, in the discharge of their responsibilities, appeals to the public to aid them by following these by-laws, which have been adopted for the improvement and upkeep of the cemetery, to keep it an attractive and respectful place for the burial of the deceased. The Council of the Municipality of Calvin is licensed to act in accord with the Cemeteries Act R.S.O., 1990 Chapter c.4.
2          Definitions
            2.1       “The Act” means the Cemeteries Act (Revised), R.S.O. 1990, c.C.4, as           amended, until such time as it is repealed, or the Funeral, Burial and          Cremation Services Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c.33, as amended, after it is           proclaimed into force, including all Regulations enacted under these        legislation.
            2.2       “Care and Maintenance Fund” is the Trust Fund in which all monies       received by the Cemetery for the care and maintenance of lots, plots and monuments have been invested. This Trust Fund is held by the             Corporation.
            2.3       “Cemetery” shall mean the Calvin Union Cemetery located on Part of Lot          20 Concession 4, 60 Peacefull Lane, in the Municipality of Calvin, in the        District of Nipissing.
            2.4       “Certificate of Interment Rights” shall mean the certificate issued by the Corporation to the purchaser of interment rights in either a lot or a plot   which has been paid for in full.
            2.5       “Clerk-Treasurer” shall mean the Clerk-Treasurer appointed by the       Corporation of the Municipality of Calvin.
            2.6       “Corner-posts” shall mean any stone or other land markers set flush with           the surface of the ground and used to indicate the location of a lot.
            2.7       “Corporation” shall mean The Corporation of the Municipality of Calvin.
            2.8       “Council” shall mean all the officially elected members of the      Corporation of the Municipality of Calvin.
            2.9       “Cremation Lot” shall mean any burial space intended to receive not more         than two (2) cremated remains and having a minimum size of 121.92 cm           (48 in) x 60.96 cm (24 in).
            2.10     “Grave” shall mean any burial space intended for an adult or a child and             having a size of 1.22 m (4 ft) x 2.44 m (8 ft) (Old section) and 1.22 m
                        (4 ft) x 2.74 m (9 ft) (New section).
            2.11     “Infant Grave” shall mean any burial space intended for an infant, having             a minimum size of 30.48 cm (12 in) x 60.96 cm (24 in).
            2.12     “Interment Rights” includes the right to require or direct the interment of             human remains in a lot.
            2.13     “Interment Rights Holder” means the person who holds the interment     rights with respect to a lot and includes a purchaser of interment rights under the Act.
            2.14     “Lot” shall mean an area of land in a cemetery containing or set aside to             contain human remains and includes a tomb, crypt or compartment in a        mausoleum.
            2.15     “Marker” shall mean any monument, tombstone, plaque, headstone,      cornerstone, or other structure or ornament affixed to or intended to be    affixed to a burial lot or other structure intended for the deposit of human             remains.
            2.16     “Ministry” shall mean the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services   for Ontario.
            2.17     “Monument” shall mean any permanent marker projecting above the      ground level.
            2.18     “Plan” shall mean the plan of the cemetery, approved by the Ministry of             Consumer Services for Ontario, Cemeteries Regulation Unit.
            2.19     “Plot” means two or more lots in which the rights to inter have been sold            as a unit.
            2.20     “Trust Fund” shall mean those funds in which The Public Trustee may    invest, which are defined in theTrustee Act, R.S.O. 1990.
3          Administration
            3.1       The Corporation reserves full and complete control and management of             the land, buildings, plantings, roads, utilities, books and records of the            Cemetery and complete authority to administer these by-laws in             accordance with the Act.
            3.2       The Corporation shall prepare a budget, audit and financial statements   annually, and set prices and resolve matters regarding the cemetery upkeep and maintenance.
            3.3       The Corporation distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage             from causes beyond its control and especially from damage caused by the         elements, acts of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikes, malicious           mischief makers, explosions, accidents, invasion, insurrections, riots, or order of any military or civil authority, whether damage be direct or   collateral.
            3.4       The Corporation shall take reasonable precautions to protect the property         of Interment Rights Holders but shall assume no liability or responsibility       for the loss of, damage to, or any resulting injury from any article of any       type that is placed or left on any Lot.
            3.5       The Corporation reserves the right, at its cost, to correct any error that may       be made by it in making interments, in the description of the Lot, or the   transfer or conveyance of any Interment Rights. The Corporation may at its sole discretion, either cancel such grant and substitute other Interment            Rights, or Lot of equal value and similar location, as far as is reasonably        possible, or refund all money paid on account on such purchase. Notice will be given to the Interment Rights Holders by mailing it prepaid, first   class, to the Interment Rights Holders or their legal representatives, at            their last appearing address in the records of the Cemetery. In the event    any such error may involve the disinterment of remains, the Corporation             shall obtain the approval of any regulatory authority and the Interment          Rights Holder.
            3.6       This by-law may be at any time changed, amended, altered, appealed,   rescinded or added to, upon the approval of the Council of the Corporation        and the Registrar in accordance with the Act.
4          Sale and Transfer of Interment Rights
            4.1       No person shall sell Interment Rights unless that person is authorized by,            and does so on behalf of the Corporation.
            4.2       Interment Rights in Lots and Plots may be purchased from the Corporation        at the rates filed with the Ministry and according to the plans approved by           the Ministry that are on file in the office of the Corporation. The rates for     Interment Rights include the portion specified by the Act for deposit to the         Cemetery’s Care and Maintenance Fund.
            4.3       Purchasers of Lots acquire only the right and privilege of burial to          interment of human remains and the placing of monuments or markers,         subject to this by-law.
            4.4       Payment for Interment Rights shall be made to the Corporation, at the    office of the Corporation, during regular office hours and interment shall   not be permitted in any Lot where the Interment Rights have not been paid             in full.
            4.5       Upon payment in full, the Corporation shall provide each purchaser of   Interment Rights with:
                                    a)         a copy of the Contract for Interment Rights
                                    b)         a copy of this Cemetery by-law, and
                                    c)         a Certificate of Interment Rights.
            4.6       All prices for Cemetery Lots and services are set out in the most recent             Cemetery Price List that has been filed with the Ministry.
            4.7       The purchaser shall pay the total sum owing, as set out in the Contract of           Interment Rights Form, and as provided in the most recent Cemetery Price List plus all applicable taxes, within 10 business days from the date of         signing of the Contract of Interment Rights. Failure to make full payment            within the required time may lead to the termination of the Contract which     shall deem the Contract null and void and the Certificate of Interment          Rights to be revoked.
            4.8       The deposit to the Care and Maintenance Fund shall be as specified in the         Regulations made under the Act
            a)         In the case of an in-ground grave for the burial of an adult,         the greater of 40% of the selling price or $ 150.00
            b)         In the case of an in-ground grave for the burial of a child or        of cremated remains, 40% of the selling price.
            4.9       To ensure the accuracy of records, no transfer of any Interment Rights or           any interest therein shall be binding upon the Corporation unless notice is     given in writing to the Clerk-Treasurer, specifying the name and address            of the proposed transferee and date of transfer, and the original Certificate         of Interment Rights (or Deed of Lot) returned if available, and such             particulars have been entered in a register for that purpose. Upon receipt    of such written notice, and payment of the specified fee, the transfer shall           be made and a new Certificate of Interment Rights issued.
            4.10     In cases of Transfer by Will or bequest, the Corporation reserves the right         to require the production of a notary copy of the Will or other evidence        sufficient to provide proof of ownership.
            4.11     An Interment Rights Holders may require, by written demand, the          Corporation to repurchase the rights at any time before they are used.
            4.12     The Corporation, after receiving such a demand, shall repurchase the     Interment Rights within thirty (30) days of receiving the demand. The         repurchase price shall be the price originally paid for the Interment Rights,             less any amount that was designated for the Care and Maintenance Fund.
            4.13     If the original selling price is unknown, the repurchase price shall be       deemed to be $50.00 as in accordance with the Act.
            4.14     The Corporation is not required to repurchase the Interment Rights for   more than four lots held by the same Interment Rights Holder within a            twelve month period as in accordance with the Act.
            4.15     NO REFUND will be made for any Lot if any Interment Rights have been         exercised.
            4.16     In accordance with the Act any Interment Rights which are sold and not             used for interment purposes after a period of twenty (20) years, may be       considered abandoned. The Corporation may apply to the Registrar             appointed under the Act for a declaration that the Interment Rights are   abandoned after making inquiries and giving reasonable notices to find the            Interment Rights Holders or beneficiaries. Upon being satisfied that the        rights are abandoned, the Registrar shall issue a declaration to that effect.           If there is no appeal by the end of the time period allowed for appeal, the    Corporation may resell the Interment Rights.
5          Interment and Disinterment
            5.1       No interment shall take place after frost and snow make digging or access         to the cemetery inconvenient unless alternate vault storage is not available.     No interment shall take place after November 30th .
            5.2       Spring burials shall take place as soon as ground conditions at the          cemetery allow, although every effort shall be made for spring burials     from winter vault storage to take place by May 20th.
            5.3       Not more than one burial shall be made in any single Lot except:
                                    a)         that of the cremated remains of four persons, or
            b)         one infant container may be buried at the head end of a single grave in which a casket containing human remains          has been buried, or
            c)         cremated remains of one person may be buried at the head        end of a single grave in which a casket containing human           remains has been buried.
            5.4       Remains to be interred must be enclosed in a container, sealed securely             and of sufficient strength to permit burial with the container remaining           intact. The container must be of a size to permit burial within the size of         the Lot.
            5.5       All interments must be authorized in writing by the Interment Rights        Holder except when the interment is the Interment Rights Holder.
            5.6       An employee of the Corporation shall be in attendance at each interment.
            5.7       Before an interment may take place the following are required:
                                    a)         a burial permit issued by the Divisional Registrar, showing                                              that the death has been registered
                                    b)         the fee for the opening and closing of the Lot according to                                             the fee found in the Cemetery Price List, must be deposited                                                 with someone in the employ of the Corporation
                                    c)         a signed Contract must be in place and full payment                                           for Lot received.
            5.8       Before a cremation interment or inurnment may take place the following             are required:
                                    a)         a cremation certificate
                                    b)         the prescribed fee for the opening and closing of the Lot                                                according to the fee found in the Cemetery Price List, must                                            be deposited with someone in the employ of the                                                    Corporation
                                    c)         a signed Contract must be in place and full payment for Lot                               received.
            5.9       Persons requesting interments in Lots shall be held responsible for charges         incurred.
            5.10     When Interment Rights in a Lot are held jointly by two or more persons,            an order will be accepted from either or any of them or their authorized     representatives for interment in such part of the Plot as may be requested.
            5.11     No Lot shall be opened for interment or disinterment by any person not in          the employ of, or without the permission of the Corporation.
            5.12     The price for Lot openings is based on the size of the Lot and the labour            involved.
            5.13     All disinterments shall be in accordance with the Act and its regulations.             A burial certificate under the Vital Statistics Act is not required to reinter     human remains that have been disinterred in accordance with the Act and       Regulations.
            5.14     No interment shall be permitted in any Lot where the Interment Rights    have not been paid in full.
            5.15     Funeral corteges within the cemetery shall follow the route indicated by the Corporation or by authorized personnel.
            5.16     Arrangements for interment and disinterment shall be given to the office of the Clerk-Treasurer of the Corporation at least:
                                    a)         forty eight ( 48) hours, 12 hours of which must be regular                                              working hours, prior to the intended date and time of                                         interment
                                    b)         minimum three (3) weeks prior to the intended date and                                                 time of disinterment
                                    c)         in the case of spring interment, time and date of interment                                               must be pre-arranged with the Corporation to ensure that                                          the ground conditions at the cemetery are suitable for burial
                        The Corporation cannot be held responsible for having the Lots prepared          unless such notice is given.
            5.17     Normal hours of operation for the Cemetery are Monday to Friday 8:30            a.m. to 4:00 p.m. excluding Statutory Holidays.
            5.18     Funerals and interments are permitted to be held between 9:00 a.m. and            3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, without additional charge.
            5.19     The Corporation may permit funerals and interments to be held between            the hours of 3:30 p.m. to dusk Monday to Friday, or during daylight hours           on Saturday, and may charge additional fees at the rate as prescribed in the           Cemetery Price List.
            5.20     The Cemetery will not perform any Sunday or Holiday interments unless            ordered to do so by a representative of the Ministry of Health.
            5.21     Extra charges are included in the Cemetery Price List for:
                                    a)         Sunday or Holiday interments subject to item 5.20 above
                                    b)         Funerals reaching the cemetery after 3:30 p.m. weekdays
                                    c)         Funerals reaching the cemetery during daylight hours on                                                 Saturdays
                                    d)         Use of Concrete Liner/Oversize Casket/Oversize Vault
                                    e)         Disinterment
            5.22     The increasing use of oversized outer containers (vaults) does not permit            the Corporation to assume responsibility for the number of openings that     may be made in any Lot or Plot. Should this situation occur additional          Lots must be purchased.
6          Care of Lots - General
            6.1       All Lots sold or assigned shall be maintained by the Corporation to ensure         the safety of the public and preserve the dignity of the cemetery.
            6.2       No person or contractor shall perform any installation or maintenance    work in the cemetery without prior authorization of the Corporation.
            6.3       The installation of borders, fences, railings, walls, wooden crosses, cut- stone coping, trees, shrubs, plants and hedges in or around lots, increases the cost of care and maintenance and may become unsightly. They are             prohibited in the cemetery.
            6.4       Nails, wires, articles of glass, glass containers or pottery or any other     material that creates a hazard to workers and to visitors when neglected or         broken shall be removed by the Corporation.
            6.5       Rubbish shall not be thrown out on roads, walks, or any part of the        cemetery grounds.
            6.6       Implements or materials used in doing any work within the cemetery shall           not be left unattended and shall be removed without delay by the   Corporation if so found.
            6.7       No Interment Rights Holder shall change the grading of any Lot, and in case of any such change, the Corporation may restore the Lot to its   original grade at the expense of the Interment Rights Holder.
            6.8       No unauthorized person shall seed, sod or move corner posts or markers.
            6.9       The Corporation shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any articles        left upon any Lot.
7          Care of Lots – Flowers, Shrubs and Trees
            7.1       Any flowers, trees or shrubs situated on any Lot that have become by    means of their roots or branches or in any other way, detrimental to the       adjacent lots, drains, roads or walks, or prejudicial to the general             appearance of the grounds or inconvenient to the public may be removed           by the Corporation without notice to the Interment Rights Holder.
            7.2       Vases, urns, flower pots, if used, must be of the type that are fixed to the           monument above ground level.
            7.3       Flower boxes may not be built on graves.
            7.4       Monuments may not be covered.
            7.5       The Corporation reserves the right to remove all flowers, potted plants,             wreaths and baskets of flowers when they become withered or unsightly or        for any other reason which the Corporation deems to be in the best interest             of the cemetery.
            7.6       Anyone wishing to have a memorial tree planted in the cemetery must    have the approval of the Corporation. The location of such tree shall be determined by the Corporation and the planting of such tree shall be the        responsibility of the Corporation.
            7.7       Artificial wreaths are allowed to be placed on the Lot after November 1st          provided they are securely fastened to the monument, or where there is no monument, mounted on an appropriate stand securely anchored to the        ground. All wreaths must be removed from the cemetery by April 30th or           they shall be removed by the Corporation.
8          Monuments and Markers – General Information
            8.1       No monument or other structure shall be erected or permitted on a Lot until accrued charges have been paid in full.
            8.2       The Corporation will take reasonable precaution to protect the property of        the Interment Rights Holders, but assumes no responsibility or liability for      loss or damage, except where loss or damage is due to its own negligence.
            8.3       Minor scraping of the base portion of the upright monuments due to the             turf mowing operation is considered by the Corporation to be normal      wear.
            8.4       No monument, footstone, marker or memorial of any kind shall be placed,         moved, altered or removed without permission from the Corporation.
            8.5       Vases may constitute part of a monument if they are made principally of             bronze or stainless steel. A maximum of two vases may be placed on the     base of a monument.
            8.6       All photographs attached to any markers or memorials placed within the            cemetery grounds, shall be the sole responsibility of the owner.
            8.7       No inscription shall be placed on any monument which is not in keeping             with the dignity and decorum of the cemetery.
            8.8       Every person installing a monument or marker in the cemetery shall pay the prescribed amount as set out in the Act, to the Corporation’s Care and             Maintenance Fund. The interest earned will be used to maintain the             markers or monuments in a safe condition.
            8.9       The required Care and Maintenance Fund amounts are as follows:
                        a)         in the case of installing a flat marker measuring at least                           439.42 sq. cm (173 sq. in), $ 50.00.
                        b)         in the case of installing an upright marker measuring
                                    1.22 m (4 ft) or less in height and 1.22 m (4 ft) or                                              less in length, including the base, $ 100.00
                        c)         in the case of installing an upright marker measuring more                                   than 1.22 m (4 ft) in either height or length,                                                   including the base, $ 200.00(markers of this size are not                                   permitted in the Cemetery - see 9.2 & 9.3)
            8.10     Only flat markers, level with the surface of the ground, may be installed in          the designated Cremation area of the cemetery in order to allow for ease of           grounds maintenance in that section. No monuments shall be permitted in      this area.
            8.11     If any monument or marker in the cemetery presents a risk to public       safety because it is unstable, the Corporation shall do whatever is           necessary by way of repairing, resetting or laying down the marker to             remove the risk.
9          Monuments (Upright Markers)
            9.1       For the purpose of the regulations, a monument shall be understood to   mean any permanent marker projecting above ground level. The        Corporation reserves the right to determine maximum size of monuments,             their number and their location on each Lot or Plot in order to ensure that          there is no interference with any future interments.
            9.2       The maximum size monument allowed for one (1) Lot is:
                        Height  76.2 cm (30 in)
                        Width   66.04 cm (26 in)
                        Die       20.32 cm (8 in)
                        Base     35.56 cm (14 in)
            9.3       The maximum size monument allowed servicing two (2) adjoining Lots is:
                        Height  66.04 cm (26 in)
                        Width   91.44 cm (36 in)
                        Die       20.32 cm (8 in)
                        Base     35.56 cm (14 in)
            9.4       The maximum width of a base is controlled by the width of the Lot or Plot         where it is to be installed. No base shall be closer than 7.62 cm (3 in) to   the Lot width side lines on which it is to be installed.
            9.5       Not more than one monument shall be erected on any one Lot, and this             must be placed at the head of the Lot or the place reserved for the monument, unless adjoined Plots are owned and both sides of the stone             can be used.
            9.6       The minimum thickness of a die should be 15.24 cm (6 in).
            9.7       The die stones must be installed on a granite base. The height of the base           shall be a minimum of 20.32 cm (8 in). The top surface of the base    must     be both wider and longer than the die in order to provide a minimum             border of 7.62 cm (3 in) of the surface of the base exposed on all sides.            Bottoms of the base shall be smooth sawn.
            9.8       All foundations for monuments must be supplied by a Monument Dealer            /Supplier at the cost of the Interment Rights Holder. The Corporation does             not construct or install foundations.
            9.9       All foundations shall be placed in the designated space and constructed to          properly support the monument and base. If the foundation is deemed by       the Corporation to be insufficient to support the monument and base, the    foundation must be immediately removed and rebuilt at the expense of the          Interment Rights Holder. Foundations shall not be less than 10.16 cm
                        (4 inc) deep and must be set as directed or in the space marked by        someone in the employ of the Corporation.
            9.10     The surface area of the foundation shall be flush with the surrounding      ground level and shall provide a level surface, free from defects.
10        Markers (Flat Markers, Corner Markers etc,)
            10.1     The Interment Rights Holder may, upon receipt of the Certificate of       Interment Rights, at his/her own expense and installed at the direction of             a designate of the Corporation, place bronze, granite, marble or other    equally durable stone material, metal or metal alloy land markers at the   corners of the Lot or Lots conveyed to him/her. Such markers must be          mounted flush with the ground.
            10.2     Markers or footstones of bronze, granite, marble or other equally durable          stone material, metal or metal alloy are permitted, with size and quantity             restrictions according to the section of the cemetery and the             regulations deemed necessary as per the size of Lot in that section.        Placement must not interfere with future interments.
            10.3     One marker may be placed at each grave in addition to a monument. The          marker shall be placed at the end of the grave farthest from the monument.
            10.4     Flat markers are to be flat on top and must be set level with the ground.
            10.5     The minimum thickness for all flat markers including footstones is 10 cm             (4 in).
            10.6     Flat marker dimensions for a single lot are maximum 30.48 cm
                        (12 in) x 60.96 cm (24 in). The foundation shall be at least as long and as          wide as the marker that will be resting upon it. The bottom bed of all            bases and markers shall be cut level and true.
            10.7     Markers will only be accepted for installation during regular working      hours.
            10.8     Within the area of the cemetery designated as the Cremation Area, only             Flat Markers which are set flush with the ground are permitted.
11        Rules for Monument Dealers, Contractors and Workers
            11.1     No monument or marker will be delivered to or installed in the cemetery            without prior written notification to the Corporation and payment of the         required fees.
            11.2     No monument or marker will be delivered to the cemetery until the        foundation is completed and the contractor is ready to proceed with the work of erection.
            11.3     No work shall be commenced on Saturday or Sunday.
            11.4     No monument or marker will be removed without written permission from         the Corporation.
            11.5     All companies who do work in the cemetery shall have Workplace        Safety   Insurance coverage for their workers as well as sufficient liability       insurance.
            11.6     Contractors, masons and stone-cutters shall lay planks on the Lots and paths over which heavy materials are to be moved, in order to protect the            surface from injury.
            11.7     There shall not be a variance of more than 1.27cm (1/2 in) in the size of             the base required as stated on the work order and the size of the monument            delivered.
            11.8     The demeanor and behavior of all workmen employed by others and     working in the cemetery shall be subject to the control of the Corporation.
            11.9     Workers shall cease work, if in the immediate vicinity of a funeral until    the conclusion of the service.
            11.10   All work must be completed during regular cemetery hours, unless by    special permission of the Corporation.
            11.11   Any monument or marker which has been set in violation of this by-law shall be removed from the grave site by the monument company. It shall        be the responsibility of the monument company to reset the monument or             marker in accordance with this by-law without charge to the Interment   Rights Holder or to the Corporation.
            11.12   Heavy loads shall not be permitted in the cemetery when the roads are in           unfit condition.
            11.13   No monument dealer shall park on the grass unless otherwise directed to           do so by the Corporation.
            11.14   All implements and materials used in the performance of any work shall be placed where the Corporation may direct, and all rubbish and surplus   earth shall be removed when, and to where, and in such manner as the             Corporation may order, otherwise the obstructions will be removed, and           the expenses charged to the monument dealer.
12        Rules for Visitors
            12.1     Visitors are always welcome at the cemetery during the normal hours.    They are asked to remember the respect due the deceased.
            12.2     The employees/staff of the Corporation are empowered and are required to       preserve order and decorum in the cemetery.
            12.3     No parades other than funeral processions shall be admitted to or be     organized within the cemetery.
            12.4     Children under the age of twelve years are not admitted to the grounds unless accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their good         conduct and shall see that they do not run over the lots or climb upon the             monuments.
            12.5     Vehicles within the cemetery shall be driven at a moderate rate of speed            and shall not leave the avenues or park on the grass unless directed to do         so by the Corporation.
            12.6     No All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s), dirt bikes or snow machines are         allowed in the cemetery.
            12.7     Proprietors of vehicles and their drivers shall be held responsible for any            damage done by them.
            12.8     Discharging of firearms, other than in regular volleys at burial services is             prohibited in and around the cemetery.
            12.9     No dogs or other pets shall be allowed in the cemetery at any time except          by special request made in advance to the Corporation.
            12.10   No picnic party shall be permitted in the cemetery.
            12.11   Any person who, while in the cemetery, damages or moves any tree, plant,        marker, fence, structure or other thing usually erected, planted or placed in             a cemetery is liable to the Corporation and to any Interment Rights Holder   who, as a result, incurs damage. The amount of damages shall be the     amount required to restore the cemetery to the state that it was in before     anything was damaged or moved by the person liable.
            12.12   Any complaints by Interment Rights Holders or visitors should be made in          writing to the Corporation and not to workmen on the grounds.     Confrontation and controversies with workmen or others on the grounds             are to be avoided.
            12.13   Rubbish shall not be thrown on roadways, lots or walkways or any part of         the grounds. All rubbish must be removed by the owner or placed in the             receptacles that are provided on the grounds for deposit of weeds, decayed            flowers, plants, etc.
            12.14   Any person disturbing the quiet and good order of the cemetery by noise           or other improper conduct or who violates these rules, shall be expelled      from the grounds.
            12.15   Any articles which are detrimental to efficient maintenance or constitute a           hazard to machinery, employees or visitors, or is unsightly or does not            conform to the natural beauty or design of the cemetery, may be removed           by the Corporation. An article so removed, will be held at the cemetery for        collection. If not collected, it will be disposed of after one month.
            12.16   The gates must be kept closed at all times.
13        Complaints
      13.1     Any person having occasion to make complaint with regard to the          cemetery shall make it in writing to the Clerk-Treasurer of the Corporation             and not to an employee on the cemetery grounds.
14        Gifts to the Cemetery
            14.1     The Corporation gratefully accepts all donations made to the Calvin Union         Cemetery.
            14.2     All trees and structural gifts, such as benches, birdbaths, sundials etc. must         be approved by the appropriate staff of the Corporation and once approved            and accepted shall become the property of the cemetery.
            14.3     All trees and structural gifts must not be removed, painted or adjusted in            any way or form by individuals without prior approval of the Corporation.
            14.4     Location of donated trees, plants or elements in the cemetery must be    decided by the appropriate staff of the Corporation. Every effort will be      made to accommodate the location requested by the donor.
            14.5     Donated gifts are recognized for the life of the tree, plant or item.