By-Law 2010-026 - Accountability and Transparency Policy By-Law

Schedule “A”
To By Law No 2010-026

1. Purpose/Application
The Municipal Act, 2001 (the Act) requires that all municipalities shall adopt and maintain a policy with respect to the manner in which the Municipality will try to ensure that it is accountable to the Public for its actions, and for the manner in which the Municipality will try to ensure that these actions are transparent to the Public. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for the delivery of the Municipality’s activities and services in accordance with the principals as outlined herein. This policy has been developed in accordance with the Act to comply with Section 270.

2. Defintitons
i) Accountability - The principle that the Municipality will be responsible to its stakeholders for decisions made and policies implemented, as well as for it’s actions or inactions
ii) Transparency – The principal that the Municipality actively encourages and fosters stakeholder participation and openness in its decision making processes. Additionally, transparency means that the Municipality’s decision making process is open and clear to the public.

3. Policy Statement
The Municipality of Calvin conducts business within the municipality that is open, transparent and accountable to the Public. The Municipality is committed to creating policies, guidelines and positions for delegation in a transparent manner for all staff of the Corporation. We are committed to:
i) providing service with a citizen focus
ii) managing the resources in our trust as efficiently, responsibly and as effectively as possible
iii) maintaining honest and open communication

4. Policy Requirements
The principals of accountability and transparency shall apply equally to the political process and decision making and to the administrative management of the Municipality. The Municipality will be open, accountable and transparent in its financial dealings and its administrative practices. Council meetings are open to the public when and where required by the Act, and members of the public have a means to make delegations or presentations on specific items at
these meetings. The Municipality has adopted policies which ensure public participation can be meaningful and effective. The municipality also informs the public through timely disclosure of information by various means including print, media, websites etc. Some examples of how the Municipality provides such openness, accountability and transparency are:

External audit

Financial statements

Annual budget process

 Asset management policy

 Procurement policy

 Sale of land by-law

Financial Information Returns

 Employment and hiring policy

 Procedural by-law

Delegation of Duties policy

 Records and retention by-law

 Planning processes (Official plan, Zoning by-law, Planning Board)

Public notice by-law

 Provincial Benchmarking – Municipal Performance Measurement Program